1. Name of the Society shall be: SURGICAL SOCIETY OF BANGALORE ASSOCIATION OF SURGEONS OF INDIA CITY CHAPTER (SSBASICC) The website of the society shall be
2. REGISTERED OFFICE: The Society shall be located at I.M.A.House, A.V.Road, Bangalore - 560 018.
3. OBJECTS: The objects of the society are:
a)To promote scientific and surgical knowledge in all its branches.
b)To Promote unity and comradeship amongst members of the society.
c)To guard the interests of the surgical profession.
d)To hold clinical meetings, conferences, exhibition etc, for the promotion and propagation of surgical knowledge. When the SSB is co hosting the CME or conference the president or secretary must be invited on stage for inaugural and valedictory function
e)To acquire, erect construct or purchase any building, property or machinery necessary for the purposes of the society.
f)To amalgamate or enter into working agreement with any association, union or institution carrying on or proposing to carry on any business within the objects of this society.
g)To do all and such other things as are incidental to or may be deemed by its executive committee conducive or expedient to the attained of the objects.
h)To establish and maintain library, website, audiovisual aids, materials in surgery.
i)To encourage scientific research and experimental work on surgical problems.
j)To publish bulletins devoted to surgical objects.
k)There must be regular updates of activities of the society on the website.
l)To make bylaws, rules and regulations as and when required with further additions or deletions or alterations in the general body.
A.Subscriptions from members.
B.Donations and proceeds of CME Fund and savings, conducted by the society.
C.Proceeds from the sale of periodicals or books, advertisements in website and such other property of the society and such of the property as may be acquired from time to time.
D.Society is at liberty to fix any fee for special occasions, scientific meetings, workshop etc.
E.All the money collected from Life/Life Associate, CME fund and other funds must be kept in a FD in recognized banks/institution. Only the interest out of the FD to be utilized annually for expenses of the society.
F.The executive committee shall, out of the funds of the society, do pay all ordinary expenses such as rents, salaries, wages and such other charges as may be necessary for carrying on the work of the society. None of the Fixed deposits can be liquidated without approval in the General Body meeting .
G.The society should open an account in the name of SURGICAL SOCIETY OF BANGALORE ASSOCIATION OF SURGEONS OF INDIA CITY CHAPTER (SSBASICC) in any of the nationalized banks; The account will be operated jointly by the Hon. Treasurer and one of the two –Hon Secretary or president.
H.All payments and receipts should be through cheque/DD/ bank transfer or through payment gateway of the website.
I.Any cash withdrawal should not be more than Rs.10,000/- per month and needs prior EC approval for withdrawing more than Rs.10,000/per month, such as during surgeons day celebration or orations or special occasions.

Audited account to be presented annually at the general body prior to forwarding to the ASI every year.

The official year for financial purpose shall be from 1st January of one year to 31st December of the same year or as required by the auditor.
Medical practitioner registered in India under the IMC act 1956 and practicing surgery or otherwise engaged in surgical work such as teaching, research and holding qualification in surgery and its specialties shall be eligible as members after being approved by the executive committee.
a)The society shall consist of members whose names are on the register of members of the society and ASI city chapter at the time when these regulations come into operation and of subsequent members who shall be members of the ASI and be duly elected in such manner and upon such condition as may be prescribed from time to time by the bylaws. There shall be a register in which the names of all the members of the society shall be entered with their qualification, address, phone numbers, mobile numbers, e-mail IDs,KMC Reg.No, ASI No (if any).

b)As far as possible the existing members to be motivated to become members of the ASI.
c) i. Full: Life members.
ii. Associate members: for post graduates/ surgical trainees and for the duration of the surgical training or maximum of 3 years and up on completion has to become life member by paying the balance membership fees.
iii. Honorary Members

A qualified member who pays membership fees and agrees to abide by the rules herein after laid down.
Associate members who do not have postgraduate qualification but doing surgical work and PG students duly proposed and seconded by a valid member.
Any person of eminence in the field of surgery, considered suitable and desirable and recommended by the executive committee may be elected as Hon. Member, who need not pay Membership.

Any persons qualified to be a member, shall fill in and sign the prescribed form of application for membership duly proposed and seconded by full members and send it to the Honorary Secretary. The application shall be accompanied with requisite fee for life or associate member as applicable.
The application must be accepted by the Executive Committee after scrutiny. The selected members details should be entered in the register which is maintained by the SSBASICC office

Life membership Fee Rs.2000/-
Associate Membership Rs. 1000/-
Honorary member NO fees
Membership fees is non refundable in event of termination of membership.
Associate members shall enjoy all privileges of membership of the society, except voting, proposing, seconding contesting or holding an office. They will be considered as Associate members of the SSBASICC till they complete their M.S., DNB (Surgery).They will be elevated to life membership by producing, along with application, the copy of the qualified certificates to the SSBASICC and paying balance subscription amount for life membership and must be accepted by the Executive Committee.

Appropriate member is selected after scrutiny by executive committee of SSBASICC which, fees, eligibility, may be subject to change during AGM

I.All eligible members shall have right to attend and take part in discussion at all CME/Scientific meetings, lectures and demonstrations organized by the society.
II.Full life member shall have the right to vote/propose/ second on all resolutions put forward at any of the meetings of the society and is eligible to contest for election and hold office.
III.Associate members shall enjoy all the privileges of membership of the society, except voting. Proposing, seconding, contesting or holding an office.

A.By resignation: A member may at any time resign his/her membership.
B.By removal of the name for disciplinary measures, discussed and forwarded from ECM and approved in AGM

a)Notice of the general body to be sent to all members, electronically by email and/or message, 3 weeks in advance on the advice of the executive committee giving details of the place, date, and hour of the meeting and the agenda.
b)It will be generally held in December.
c)Resolutions for the general body meeting shall be communicated by the members to the secretary one week before the date of meeting.
d)Only SSBASICC members (ID card of SSBASICC or ASI should be carried) are entitled to be present in the AGM and each member is entitled to a single vote in person by ballot.
e)In case there are more candidates than the number of seats, then voting shall be by ballot.
f)The president shall in case of equality of votes have a casting vote.
g)QUORUM: For the annual general body meeting 30 members, if the required numbers of members are not present, the meeting is adjourned for 10 minutes and the meeting will be conducted with the available members.

The business to be transacted at this meeting shall be taken in the following order.
A.Reading of the notice by the Hon Secretary.
B.Welcome and address by the president
C.Condolences if any
D.Inability to attend the Meeting if any
E.Secretary's report
F.Adoption of the Secretary's report.
G.Treasurer's report
H.Adoptions of the Treasurery's report and accounts and budget for the next year.
I.Amendments of rules, if any.
J.Resolution from members, if any.
K.Election of Office Bearers.
L.Any other business with permission of the Chairman.
M.Installation of the Office Bearers.
N.Newly installed President's address.
O.Closure of the general body meeting with vote of thanks by Secretary.
It may be called at any time of the year on the requisition of the majority of the executive Committee or of 8 members.
a)Nothing except the business for which it is called shall be discussed at this meeting.

b)One week notice of the meeting, electronically by email and message, with the agenda shall be given to the members.
c)QUORUM: shall be 30 members. If the quorum of 30 members is not present then the meeting is dissolved.
d)The general body is authorized to amend the rules & bylaws at an extraordinary general body meeting. Any resolution amending the constitution should have simple majority of the members present.
e)Only SSBASICC members (ID card of SSBASICC or ASI should be carried) are entitled to be present in the GBM and each member is entitled to a single vote in person by ballot.

A.Honorary secretary notifies nomination to various posts at least 3 weeks before the general body meeting giving the date, place, time of the meeting along with annual general body notice.
B.The nomination for the several offices may be sent to Honorary Secretary one week before the meeting, duly proposed and seconded by valid members with consent of the candidate. Withdrawal if any to be done 48 hr before the general body meeting. Final list of candidate for various posts will be announced 24 hrs before the scheduled general body meeting commencement. If there are no sufficient nominations for the numbers of posts, floor nomination may be invited for the number of post only. The president elect to conduct the election process and announce the results. The president elect (Teller) can appeal for any withdrawal at the last moment, in the good interest of the members and the society.

C.Election tribunal is constituted if required, in case of disputes, consists of President Elect, President and 3 past Presidents.
D.Teller to decide the results or any other complaint.


a.President elect: 10 years membership and should have completed two terms as an E.C. member. He will be automatically elevated as President for the next year. In case of the death or incapacity of the President, the President elect will take over as President and continue in the next year for which he/she was elected President.
b.Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer: 3 Years membership and should have been an E.C. member for at least one year.
c.E.C.Member: any full member.

The management of the society shall be vested in the Executive Committee, who shall be composed of the following:
2.President Elect or
3.Hon. Secretary
4.Joint Secretary
5.Hon. Treasurer.
6.Members 20
1.The immediate past president
2.The immediate past secretary
3.Governing council members of the ASI if from Bangalore.
4.Chairman, Hon Secretary of the ASI KSC if from Bangalore.
5.President, Vice President of ICS if from Bangalore.
The term of office of the President/ President Elect shall be for one year and shall not re-contest for the same post. The term of office for the Hon. Secretary, Hon Joint Secretary, Hon Treasurer and Members shall be for one year and may be re-elected once only.
It shall hold meeting at least once in two months.
Any interim vacancy occurring in the Executive Committee shall be filled by the Executive Committee itself for the remaining period of the year
19. D. QUORUM:
8 members of the executive Committee shall be the quorum.
a.Shall conduct the business of the society and all matters, which from time to time shall be expedient for attaining the objectives of the society.

b.It shall have powers to appoint sub committees as and when necessary.
c.Write off the whole or part of the arrears against any individual deemed irrecoverable.
d.It shall have powers to appoint or remove salaried officers from the services of the society and to fix or pay salary or interest on borrowed money.
e.Any member of the Executive Committee absenting himself or herself for three consecutive meetings or three months without sufficient reasons ceases to be a member thereof.
f.The committee shall have the authority to frame bylaws, which later has to be approved by GB.
g.The committee shall have powers to purchase, construct or acquire on lease or in exchange or on hire or by gift or by other wise, any real or personal property to improve, develop, manage the affairs of the society with prior sanction of the general body.


a)Shall be chairman of all general body, extraordinary general body meetings, the executive committee and any other committee.
b)Shall have a casting vote in case of equality of the votes, in addition to his ordinary vote:
c)Shall regulate the proceedings of the meeting and conferences, interpret rules and regulations.
d)Guide the Hon. Secretary and the Hon. Treasurer to run the affairs of the society smoothly.
e)President can invite any member to any of the meetings with specific purpose, they will have no voting rights.
He shall assist the President in all the activities, he shall preside at all meeting in the absence of the president, In the absence of the President Elect the members shall elect one among themselves as chairman to exercise all powers of the President on that occasion.
He shall be responsible for the office work, correspondence and to organize and convene all meetings, conferences, lectures and demonstrations. He shall maintain a record of the minutes of such meetings, He shall prepare the annual report to be laid before the annual general body meeting, he shall be ex- office member of all committees. He will spend for the society under the limits prescribed and give proper receipt to treasurer to maintain.
The joint secretary works in collaboration with the secretary in carrying on the business of the society. He shall be in charge of the office of secretary in his absence.
He shall be responsible for collection of subscription and donations from members and well wishers. He shall sign receipts and prepare statements of income and expenditure of the society duly audited before the annual general meeting each year and shall present the same at the annual general body meeting. He shall submit a general statement of accounts at every monthly meeting of the committee. Payments should be made by the treasurer by the instance of the secretary. He or office manager shall keep petty cash advance of Rs.3000/- to Rs.5000/- per month and shall produce vouchers for the same at the ECM.
Annual Budget to be prepared and presented at the annual general body. Cheques and negotiable instruments to be signed jointly by Hon Treasurer and Secretary in the absence of one of the two, there must be signature of the president.
EC members will attend all the meetings and give assistance to the smooth running of the association. They will give suggestions to president/secretary from time to time and help to mobilize funds and conduct various activities.

Collectively and severally, the members and other office bearers (if any) of the Association, shall not be answerable for the acts, neglects or defaults of any others of them or any misfortune or damages which may happen in the execution of their respective offices in good faith except the same shall happen by or through their willful neglect or default of an individual.
During the first EC meeting in January of every year, all the members should go through the Bylaws to get familiarized and this should be part of the agenda of this meeting


1. All money under the oration to be kept in FD in a bank decided by Executive Committee of SSBASICC under separate name for each oration and should never be en- cashed under any circumstances. The bankers for SSBASICC as on today are: State Bank of Travancore and State Bank of India. The interest from the FD should be used for the activities of the society including the oration expenses. Minimum of Rs.5,00,000/- (five Lakhs) to be the deposit for granting an oration and may be changed at regular intervals if need arises. Minimum of Rs.3,00,000/- (three Lakhs) to be the deposit for granting any memorial lecture. We can make provision to include more memorial lecturers, example every day first lecture during the November CSEP program. All the orations and lectures will be considered ONLY posthumously and has to be discussed and passed in the executive committee and then at the general body meeting of the society before it is instituted. As far as possible any more new orations are discouraged.
2. It is the prerogative and responsibility of the society (SSBASICC) to select the speaker or orator. A sub-committee consisting of the President, President Elect and Secretary of that year will finally approve and announce the orators. The application (the application format will be in website) for each oration and memorial lecture should be called for during or after 1st EC meeting in January every year and the proposer(Life member of SSBASICC) of orators should fill up the oration application form and submit it to the sub-committee before 1st March. This process can be informed to all the members by email and during monthly clinical meeting in January. The selection of orator should be based on criteria as outlined below in paragraph 4 & 7. This will ensure that the speaker is selected based on merit in a transparent manner and the speaker has sufficient time to prepare for the oration/lecture.
3.The orator is required to intimate the subject of talk to the secretary at least 3 months in advance. The time duration for the presentation of oration/lecture not to exceed 30 minutes. This must be intimated to the speakers well in advance personally and also in the letter of confirmation.
4.The Orator has to be a surgeon who has contributed maximum in the field of teaching, research or surgical work and must have the capacity to deliver good knowledge to the members of the society. The benchmark for academics is to have published articles in a peer reviewed journal. If articles are not published, the orator must have presented several presentations of his work at state/national level conferences. He/she must be experienced - at least 10 yrs after qualification (exceptions can be made if some path breaking discovery is made by the person and it is accepted for publication). He must be a member of ASI.
5.He should not be a member of the SSB-ASICC executive committee during that period. The orator may or may not be a member of the SSBASICC.
6.A good memento with TA. DA and hospitality to be provided to the orator along with a citation.
7.As on today 12 August 2014, there are 3 orations and 1 Memorial lecture.

A). Prof. Athikeshavulu oration : is the oration of our association-SSBASICC and it has no FD in the bank in this name. The orator for this prestigious oration is the past president of SSBASICC. If the past president is not available or unable to deliver the oration, then the subcommittee can select a suitable orator. This oration is delivered on the evening of last day of the CSEP program in November.
B) Prof. B. Hanumaiah memorial Oration : There is FD of Rs.5,00,000/-(Five Lakh rupees). It is preferable to select the orator who has worked or associated with Prof. B. Hanumaiah. Otherwise a suitable orator is decided by the subcommittee as outlined in 2nd paragraph. The orator must fulfill the criteria as in paragraph 4 and surgeon preferably from Bangalore or from Karnataka state. This oration is delivered on the evening of last day of the CSEP program in November.
C) Prof. Balakrishna Rao memorial oration: There is FD of Rs.1,00,000/- (one lakh rupees). A member of ASI of national repute who has contributed to surgical education and research and fulfilling the criteria as in paragraph 4 will be selected for this oration. This oration is delivered during the surgeons day celebrations in June every year.
D) Dr. Nityananda Shetty endowment/Memorial lecture : There is FD of Rs.3,00,000/- (three lakhs rupees). The topic of lecture has to be either “thoracic surgery or vascular surgery” and hence the speaker should be a surgeon who has contributed significantly in this field of surgery, fulfilling the criteria as in paragraph 4. This lecture is delivered as first lecture during November CSEP program.

The secretary of the chapter should send a brief report of its activities by the end of June every year and a more detailed annual report after the AGM including duly approved minutes of its activities, audited accounts to ASI headquarters, Chennai and the IJS, Mumbai for publication in the association, notes. The annual report of the activities should also be sent to State chapter-KSCASI.

23. Surgeons Day celebrations:
In the month of June, every year from the year 2000 onwards we celebrate surgeon's day. In this celebration one eminent surgeon will be honored for his contribution to our society by giving "life time achievement award". The prestigious Prof. Balakrishna Rao memorial oration is delivered during this occasion. The fund required is mobilized from the sponsors and the program is decided by the EC.

24. Continued Surgical Education Program (CSEP):
Prof. B. Hanumaiah memorial CSEP is done during November from the year 1975. The program is aimed at the final year post graduates in training them for clinical case discussion and better decision making. It is conducted for 5 days of the week, where in various teaching Institutes of Bangalore participate with their expert teachers which will be complimented by the external faculty. On the evening of last day of the CSEP, two prestigious orations- Prof. B. Hanumaiah memorial Oration and Prof. Athikeshavulu oration are delivered. The CSEP is preceded by surgical skills workshop. During the CSEP we invite applications for travelling fellowship from the young qualified members for the laparoscopy training. We also invite the papers for millennium gold medal award from the members below 45 years of age which is presented and judged during the CSEP. Also the Dr. K.S.Shekar State level surgery quiz is conducted during the CSEP for the Karnataka state chapter (KSC-ASI).

As for as possible all communication; EC meetings, GB meeting & election notice, MCM, CME or CSEP communication, surgeon's day invitation and other notice/communication to members of the society and to others should be done electronically through website, email, messaging by sms, phone call etc.

The income and property of the society shall be used solely for the promotion of the object of the society and no portion shall be paid to individual members as dividend or bonus or gifts. In the event of dissolution the property may be transferred or merged with organization of similar object after the decision of the general body. The properties held or acquired by the society shall be the sole property of the SSBASICC and in the event of the society being wound up such properties will be disposed of at the decision of the general body to the organization with similar object and under no circumstances it shall be distributed to the members by way of bonus, dividend or in any form